Art Piece




We have chosen a sandal as a souvenir because in Greek mythology they represent a symbol of adventure and victory since Theseus who was the son of the king of Athens, was wearing a pair of such sandals in a series of adventures, all of which were victorious, e.g. the killing of the minotaur. 


It is a long thin light axe used in past centuries by shepherds. In the Slovak culture, the shepherd’s axe was popularized by local historical legend Juraj Jánošík. A small metal head-piece is sharp on one side while the other side is flat and can be used as hammer.

Lazaruvane is an ancient ritual for fertility. It began with the legend about a girl who was going to a fair in the nearby village with her parents. She was thirsty and stopped to drink water from a well by the road. Then a dragon appeared and promised her incredible riches. She was tempted and married the dragon. After a while the girl felt sad and wanted to see her family and friends. The dragon let her go to visit them. But while she was living with him she had grown a tail. She tried to get rid of it but in vain. She was so horrified that her friends will see her with the tail that her heart burst and she died. She was buried near a well and in her memory every year the beautifully dressed young girls perform a horo dance near the well. According to the belief a girl who has danced it can’t be kidnapped by a dragon. The pictures in the exhibition present beautiful LAZARKI girls.




This piece is one of the traditional black pottery centennial art, created in Bisalhães, a small village near Vila Real. The way the artists still make this handicraft pieces is ancient and unique so it was classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage, by UNESCO, in 2017, in need to be protected as it is, in its complete pure form. We choose this piece as a symbol of our project as it represents our oldest local traditions, our cultural identity, that gain some extra value when UNESCO named it as Cultural Heritage. It is also a symbol of the
value of diversity, as its peculiarity is a contribution to de cultural diversity of our country and of all Europe.